Golf carts and other under-speed vehicles are regulated by the State of Ohio.  Additional regulations on golf carts went into effect in January of 2017.  Golf carts on public streets and highways require that the golf cart be registered with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  To obtain a registration, the golf cart must be inspected to ensure it meets the requirements of Ohio law.  The Village is in the process of passing an ordinance that would allow the Antwerp Police Department to perform these inspections and to issue a Certificate of Inspection to the owner of the golf cart which can be presented to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles in obtaining title, registration, and license plates for the golf cart.  The third reading of this ordinance will be held on May 15, 2017, during regular council meeting.   The inspection process will be in effect after this date.

Inspections will be conducted at the Antwerp Police Department at 118 North Main Street, Antwerp, Ohio, and the inspection will be provided for a $25.00 charge.

Please note the requirements listed on the Golf Cart Under-Speed Vehicle Inspection Sheet are all requirements of the State of Ohio and must be met before a Certificate of Inspection can be issued.  Some of the requirements to note are a valid driver’s license for any operation of the golf cart on public streets, proof of insurance on said golf cart along with all of the listed safety items, such as, seat belts, tail lights, turn signals, head lights, etc.  Please note children under the age of 16 that do not hold a valid driver’s license cannot operate a golf cart.

A copy of the checklist that will be used is shown below or you may click here to download a pdf of the checklist.  Again, the Village of Antwerp did not make these regulations, but is required to ensure all golf carts and under-speed vehicles meet these requirements set by the State of Ohio under the Ohio Revised Code and effective as of January 1, 2017.  Once the Village of Antwerp’s ordinance is passed on May 15, 2017, inspections can be conducted by the Antwerp Police Department during regular business hours.  Questions can be directed to the Antwerp Police Department at 419-258-2627.

Golf Cart Checklist-page-001

State of Ohio Law: Golf Carts

The State of Ohio will be changing its laws in regards to golf carts effective January 1, 2017. The Village of Antwerp will observe and enforce these new laws. For more information, you may contact the Antwerp Police Department at 419/258-2627.

ALERT: Break-Ins County Wide

There has been a rash of vehicle break-ins county wide. Several villages, including Paulding, Payne, Oakwood, and Broughton, have been hit as a whole.

Please be sure to lock your doors and DO NOT leave valuables in your vehicles!

If you see anyone suspicious, contact the police immediately at 419-258-2627 or the Paulding County Sherriff’s office at 419-399-3791.


Residents and salesman, of any kind, should be made aware that selling in the Village of Antwerp requires a Solicitor’s Permit before going door to door. The Solicitor’s Permit is issued by the Antwerp Police Department and must be made available for view to any buyer questioning whether or not a permit was obtained. If a village resident still questions the validity of the permit produced by the seller, the resident should call the Antwerp Police Department at 419-258-2627 to check that the permit is real. The requirement of a permit from the police department helps to ensure that the seller is not running a scam or con. If you have any questions on selling in the village, please feel free to contact the police department.


As a reminder with the summer months upon us and school being out, the Village of Antwerp has a curfew for residents under the age of 18.  The curfew hours are:


Sunday through Thursday:  11:00 p.m.

Friday and Saturday:             Midnight

The Antwerp Police Department will enforce curfew for individuals under the age of 18 if  a violation is observed.