November, 2017




Only one bid was submitted for snow removal on October 25, 2017 at Noon at the Depot, 503 W. River. Dozer Work’s from Woodburn submitted the bid.  Dozer work’s has been the contractor for the village for the past 4 years.  His bid was only $64.00 per hour and that represents only a $1.00 increase in 4 years.




The water treatment plant improvements will be advertised to bid on November 27, 2017 with a bid opening date of December 21, 2017.  The improvements planned are replacement of the media in the pressure filters along with vessel repair and painting, repair and replace backwash air piping with new blower, clean the clear well basin and replace baffles, and replace the chemical feed piping.  The total project is estimated to be $175,450.00 of which the Ohio Public Works Commission funded the improvements with a 50% grant and 50% loan.  The loan would be a 0% – 20 year loan requiring an annual loan repayment of approximately $4,386.25.




The bid opening for the sanitary sewer lift station project is scheduled for Monday, November 20, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. in the Paulding County Commissioner’s Office.  I will have the figures for Monday night’s meeting.  Poggemeyer will review any bids received and make a recommendation to council on the lowest and best bid.   It is anticipated a construction loan will be awarded by Ohio EPA on February 1, 2018 should a bid be received that the Village will accept.  The project will be constructed during 2018.




Ellen Smith of Maumee Valley Planning Organization brought to the undersigned’s attention that a ODOT Transportation Alternatives Program may be a program that could help bring sidewalks from Water Plant Drive to Dollar General on S. Erie Street.  The program could provide up to 95 percent of the construction cost with the Village providing the remaining 5 percent of the construction cost and all costs associated with the engineering plans, environmental studies and right-of-way plans and acquisition, if required.    A letter of intent would be due on February 2, 2018 if the village would want to pursue funding to complete sidewalks to the Dollar General area.  I would like council to pursue applying for this funding in order to offer residents a safe way to get to Dollar General rather than walking on the berm of the road.  I will supply more information as it becomes available to me.  I plan on meeting with Ellen Smith of MVPO to discuss the requirements of this ODOT program.  A 2016 estimate to complete sidewalks was $60, 703.00, 5% of this cost would be approximately $3,035.00 that the village would be responsible for.  The estimate would need updated, which we would be responsible for that cost,  and would also deduct the hospital’s section of sidewalk that they will be installing as a part of their building project.




A second round of public meetings with individual villages was held with the Village of Antwerp meeting conducted on Monday, November 6th at 6:00 p.m. at town hall.  Survey results specific to the village were reviewed with those in attendance and I have attached the survey summary data for your information.  Again the county wide survey was conducted in order for the county to produce a comprehensive plan based on what residents envision for the future of the county and how to make that vision a reality.  According to Ellen Smith of Maumee Valley Planning Organization the comprehensive plan is becoming a requirement for many of the grant and financing programs and that this plan will make Paulding County and its individual governmental units more competitive.  The group at the Antwerp meeting assisted in outlining the positives and negatives of not only the Village of Antwerp but the County as a whole.  It is anticipated that the comprehensive plan will be completed by March of 2018.  The Paulding County Commissioners funded the project.






The undersigned was contacted by Real Waste Disposal informing the Village that the company was going to offer recycling pick up as a part of their agreement with the Village of Antwerp at no cost to the Village.  I have attached their proposal for your review.  They would like to be able to start recycling pick up in the Village, if the Village approves, by January 1, 2018.  Real Waste will offer one (1) – 18 gallon recycle bin at no cost to the resident.  Should the resident have more than one bin will hold, recyclables can be put in bags next to the bin.  The proposal list what recyclables they would accept.  We can discuss this proposal at council Monday night.




In reviewing the cost of the compost site due to the branches having to be chipped, Finance Committee has suggested that a cost assessment be added to the Water and Sewer Utility Bill.  The village has already had to have the limbs chipped at a cost of approximately $4,500 and we will probably have to have them chipped again before the end of the year for an additional approximate cost of $2,165.00 .  It was suggested in finance committee meeting that a cost of $1.50 per month be added to residential in-town accounts.  That would amount to $4.50 per quarter times 602 accounts for a total per quarter of $2,709.00 and a total annual income of $10,836.00 which would be used for the chipping of the limbs.  As this compost site is registered with Ohio EPA and inspected randomly by EPA the village is required to keep the size of the limb pile under their regulations.  Should the limb pile get to large and we are cited by EPA it could result in the compost site being closed permanently.  A across the board fee is the only way the Village can adequately fund the upkeep of the site.  We have been taking the costs from the lands and buildings expense line which leaves these fund lines over extended.


This would also result in the establishment of a new account for the village and the State Auditor stated the Village would need to establish this account by ordinance and approval by the State Auditor’s Office.  She had suggested that this be done at this council meeting in order to have this income and revenue account active by January, 2018.  This will require two separate ordinances, one to establish the special revenue fund and one to establish the rate for the in-town residential customers.




Paragon’s water and sewer ordinance expires the end of 2017, the last ordinance increased their rate 3% for both water and sewer and was for one year.   In conversation with Paragon, it was agreed that an additional 3% increase to both water and sewer would be added to their current rate.  This rate would be good for 3 years which would allow them to budget and know what their water and sewer cost would be for the next three years.  This ordinance would be good until December 31, 2020.


The ordinance has been signed by Paragon and will be presented for passage at Monday night’s council meeting.