The Antwerp Chamber of Commerce met March 16 to discuss the future of the Chamber.  Attendance and help to put on Antwerp promotional events had been waning so seriously that the small number of persons doing the volunteer work have considered eliminating the Chamber.  Attendance at this meeting was improved and a committee was formed to brain-storm and study all options like evaluating current Chamber sponsored events, collecting public and retail input, and looking at new ideas to improve volunteer participation.  Being in business is not a requirement to being a participant and member of the Antwerp Chamber.  If you would like to be involved in Chamber activities to improve Antwerp you are invited to attend the Chamber Committee meeting that will be held Wednesday, March 30, at 12:30 at the Essen House Restaurant in Antwerp.  If you believe that you can help and want to be a part of the events that the Chamber puts on in the Village please plan on attending the meeting next Wednesday.  If you can’t make this meeting but are interested, please call 419-258-1722 and leave your contact information.  Let’s keep our Chamber.