Residents please be advised that the only slow moving vehicle allowed on village streets are licensed golf carts.  According to the bureau of motor vehicles and State of Ohio, mini-bikes, mopeds, ATV’s Gators, Go-Carts, anything that can’t be licensed through the BMV and insured can not be on village streets and you are subject to be ticketed.  UPDATE:  If your gator type vehicle can be licensed and insured they can be on village streets.

With the new law effective on January 1, 2017, golf carts must have standard equipment such as:  seat belts, 2 headlights, tail lights, windshield, turn signals, horn, rear view mirror and license plates on both the front and rear of the golf cart.  The golf cart can only be driven by a licensed driver and must be able to provide proof of insurance.  Golf Carts can only driven on roads with 35 mph or lower speed limits.  If you have a golf cart that needs an inspection in order to get a registration, George Clemens, Chief of Police can inspect your golf cart and provide you with an inspection sheet.