A second round of confidential income survey forms will be mailed this week.  If you received an income survey form earlier, or if you are receiving one for the first time in the next week, please read the information below why the village needs this form to be returned to our engineering firm.

Anyone with questions, should contact the village administrator at 419-258-2371.   The village wants to think you in advance for filling out and returning this form.

The Village intends to do some much needed improvements to the sanitary sewer system.  The current system was installed in 1981 and is in need of updated equipment as some has completely broken down and must be replaced according to EPA.  As a part of the total financing of this project, the village wants to apply for grant funds through the community development block grant program.  This program can help villages whose household incomes are at 51% low to moderate.    According to the 2010 Census Antwerp’s low to moderate percentage was 44.38%.  The Village believes that we are closer to the 51% low to moderate income and in order to establish this, a random income survey needs to be conducted.

The Village is going forward with having it’s engineering company, Poggemeyer Design Group out of Bowling Green, Ohio, conduct the income survey on behalf of the village.  Please note no names will be asked on the survey, just address, number of household members and the income range of the household.  This survey will only be used for applying for grant funds and is a requirement in order to apply.  If the village survey results in a low to moderate household income overall, the village can use this result for 3 years to apply for federal dollars.

The first mailing of the survey was sent this week.  If you receive a survey, please fill out the form and return it.  It will enable the village to keep the cost of the project affordable.  If not enough surveys are returned on the first mailing, a second and third mailing may have to be sent.  Finally, if not enough are returned, door to door visits may be needed.

If you receive this survey and have any questions on it, please feel free to contact the Village Administrator at 419-258-2371 or speak to a council member.  Please be assured that your income survey is just one part of the overall percentage the village is trying to determine.  Your personal information will not be revealed to the public.  Thank you in advance for filling out and returning your form.