The Village of Antwerp has requested Maumee Valley Planning Organization of Defiance to complete a confidential income survey of Antwerp residents in order to be able to access grant funding through the Community Development Block Grant Program.   The Village must update their income survey every 5 years in order to apply for grant funding.  The Village was able to install storm drainage at Riverside Park with these types of funds which did not cost the Village or residents any additional monies to have this completed.  This is what the income survey is intended for, to access grant and low or zero interest funding to do improvements in the Village.

The survey will be held in the strictest confidence and will be conducted by Maumee Valley Planning.  A second mailing of a paper survey form will be arriving soon to random residents.  We would ask that you fill out the form and  returning it in a self addressed stamped envelope by June 14, 2021.

The Village wants to look at water plant improvements and needs the survey results to help offset the costs to its residents by being able to access grant and zero interest financing for these needed improvements.  If you have questions on the process and need for this income survey, please feel free to contact the Village Administrator at 419-258-2371.  Thank you for participating.