Due to the fact that the Village is short 80 income surveys for the sanitary sewer plant improvements, the Village Administrator Sara Keeran along with representatives from the village’s engineering firm, Poggemeyer will be canvassing the village in an attempt to get the 80 income surveys needed tonight, Tuesday, October 20th between the hours of 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Three mailings were sent from Poggemeyer Design Group out of Bowling Green, Ohio requesting households to fill in their address, household size and approximately income range on the form enclosed and return the completed survey in the self-addressed envelope.  To-date 220 surveys have been returned resulting in 55% of the surveys being low to moderate income.   The village needed at least 51% in order to qualify for grant funding from community development block grant programs which it has in the average of the 220 returned, but in order to be a qualified survey, 300 need to be either returned or completed in the door to door canvassing.

The village wants to offset the cost of the sanitary sewer project with grant money only available to communities with a 51% or greater low to moderate household income.  If the number of surveys can’t be obtained or the ratio of low to moderate income households is under 51%, the village may have no other option than to raise sewer rates to help pay for the required sanitary sewer plant improvements.

The income survey is good for 3 years and will also allow the village to access water grant funding to assist in the purchase of needed fire hydrant replacement.

If you have questions on the income survey or on it’s intended use, please call the Village Administrator at 419-258-2371.  Again the Administrator and representatives from the village’s engineer will be canvassing the village this evening in an effort to acquire the 80 surveys it needs to complete the income survey.

Please note the village is not totaling these surveys and it is the percentage of low to moderate income household total that is important for the grant funding, not individuals or family incomes.  Once the surveys are qualified these forms are destroyed and are only used for the block grant application.