FEBRUARY 21, 2018




A letter of intent was filed with the Ohio Department of Transportation by Maumee Valley Planning Organization on behalf of the Village of Antwerp.  The Letter was in support of being considered for funding for sidewalks from Water Plant Drive to the Dollar General Store on S. Erie.  The Transportation Alternatives Program offered through ODOT can fund bicycle and pedestrian facilities.  The letter outlined a project cost of $63,223.35 which would cover the cost of installation of sidewalks and handicap ramps on the East side of S. Erie Street.  The Village would be responsible for 5% of the project cost and all engineering.


If the letter of intent is reviewed positively by ODOT, we will be notified in March to proceed with a full application due on May 18, 2018.  It is anticipated we would learn of an award in August.  I am assuming this would be a 2019 construction project, if awarded.  Maumee Valley Planning has offered to assist in completing the full application if we are selected in March to go forward with a full application.




The first public hearing for the county CDBG program was held on Wednesday, January 1, 2018 in the County Commissioners Office. The undersigned attended this public hearing to learn on how much block grant funds would be made available to villages and townships.  The Commissioners anticipate approximately $150,000 will be made available and they would choose up to 4 projects with awards up to $32,000.  The Commissioners did note they are still considering public safety projects to be their priority.  Last year the Village was awarded $20,000 to assist in replacing the Fire Hall roof.   In talking with the Mayor it is proposed that the Village apply for a tornado siren and pole to be placed on the former water town property located on Harrmann Road.  It has been reported that residents on the east side of the village cannot hear the siren when it is operating to warn of severe weather.


In order to be competitive it is recommended that a public safety project be submitted to the County in hopes of being funded.  The block grant program is competitive among all Paulding County Villages and townships with the Commissioners making the final decision on which submitted projects to fund.  Also the projects must be designed to primarily benefit low-to-moderate incomes persons, aid in the prevention of slum or blight or meet an urgent need in the community.  As the village does have a valid income survey that qualifies the village to apply, it is recommended that we proceed in putting a project together.  The deadline to submit is April 9, 2018.  An estimate from 2017 noted a project cost of $22,509.60.  New estimates will be requested.  If chosen this project would not go forward until the Spring of 2019.




Doug Ahfeld of RES came to the Village and reviewed the AEP bills and energy consumption required for the water plant and sewer plant.  He is currently working with the Village’s contact with Murfiled Energy who supplies us a lower electric costs to see if the solar proposal makes sense.  It is anticipated that their recommendation will be to install solar panels to save the village money in the long run.


I received an overview of the cost of the solar panels one is for the waste water treatment plant and one for the water plant.  Please note that the village would be paying for the installation of the system at a cost of $33,720 per year for 15 years.  Break-even would occur in 10 years.  Because there is no revenue stream for energy projects, we can’t put on a rate increase through any other fund to pay for this project.


I just received this but wanted to get it out to council to get your reaction to this project.  I don’t know where we would pay for this out of.