Maumee Valley Planning Organization of Defiance is assisting the Village of Antwerp in conducting an income survey for the purpose of becoming eligible for federal funds to ease the financial burden on the village and citizens in funding infrastructure improvements.  Specifically new water and road improvements are needed and the income survey could help in the Village qualifying for low to zero interest loans and grants.   A post card was mailed to 400 random residents and a total of at least 350 must be returned and/or the survey taken to have the income survey qualify.

The post card listed a website to take a very short and confidential survey or a QR Code was supplied that the income survey could be taken on a smart phone.  Please take the time to take this survey and help us qualify for infrastructure dollars.  Follow up mailings will be necessary if not enough surveys are completed.  If you have any questions on this survey, please contact the Village Administrator at 419-258-2371.  Thank you for participating.