January, 2017



The public service committee met on January 4, 2017 to review the Village’s current ordinance on snow removal and if there was any changes that could be made to ensure snow and ice are removed from residential sidewalks after a snow event.  The current ordinance, No. 2011-10 calls for snow and ice to be removed within 12 hours after a snow event.  Committee felt this was too much to ask depending on the snow event ends.  It could be impossible for residents to get this accomplished within the 12 hours.  Discussion and examples of what other municipalities have in place was discussed with a general feeling that it is an impossible task to get every resident to clear their sidewalk.

It was decided that the current ordinance would be amended to reflect that after a 2” snow or ice event, residents will have up to 24 hours to clear their sidewalks.  If it is not possible to remove snow because it is turned to ice they are required to put ice melt, sand or sawdust  to make the walkway safer.  If certain residences continue to not clear their sidewalks the village has the option of fining the owner or person responsible for the maintenance of the sidewalk as the offense would carry a fine not exceeding $500, to which a separate offense shall be deemed committed each day during or on which a violation continues or occurs pursuant to Ohio Basic Code 10.99 general penalty.

The Village will continue to keep downtown sidewalks cleared after snow events of 2” or more to allow businesses to be open and residents able to get to needed products and services.



Please note; that the site will not be open during the winter months, with the exception of taking live Christmas Trees and downed branches caused by ice storms.  Currently the village utility department will pick up curbside any live Christmas Tree once they call the Village Administrator’s Office at 419-258-2371 to set up pick up.  The Village has been contacted by a local person who will take the trees once collection is finished.

Cameras will be installed at the sanitary sewer plant by Schweller Electric.  3 individual cameras will be installed, one will monitor the roadway coming into the plant, one will be focused on the concrete pile area and one will be on the new compost site.  Any concrete, garbage, construction materials, etc., not allowed at the site and caught on camera will be turned over to the Sheriff’s Department for filing of an offense with County Court.



The proposed sanitary sewer project that includes replacement of the village’s Main Street and Stone Street Lift Stations, along with gas powered generators and improvements at the Sewer Plant will be received Community Development Block Grant funding.  An application will be filed with the Office of Community Development requesting $199,026 in grant funds.  The Paulding County Commissioners will be the sponsor for the CDBG funds as they have in place all of the requirements to receive federal dollars passed through to the state.    The Village has already received grant funding from Ohio Public Works Commission of $199,999 and the remaining funding required will be in the form of a loan for approximately $261,810 from EPA.   The loan from EPA maybe reduced based on energy efficiency of the new lift stations and the proposed nutrient reduction of the phosphorus in the sewer lagoons.  The EPA calls this principal forgiveness which turns a portion of the loan into grant dollars due to the energy efficiency the proposed project will create and the reduction of phosphorus into the watershed.  We are waiting to hear what portion of the loan will qualify.



The Village’s application to Ohio Public Works Commission, filed by Poggemeyer Design Group in behalf of the Village, in the amount of $175,450.00 has been approved.  This project involved upgrading the water treatment plant as required by EPA.  Filter media will be replaced, piping in the filter building will be upgraded, the clear well holding/mix tank will be upgraded along with several other improvements.  These improvements should provide higher quality drinking water to our residents.  The funding will be released in July of this year and the project can go forward once the grant/loan agreements are received in July.  The break out of funding is $87,725.00 grant and $87,725.00 zero interest loan for 20 years.  An annual payback of $4,386.25 will be the loan payment on this project.