June, 2016



According to ODOT, the project will be re-bid on July 14, 2016.  The award date is July 25th.  Estimated construction timeframe would be sometime in September and/or October.



The Public Service Committee met on June 7th to start to develop a rental inspection component to the minimum housing standards so that rental property in the village are inspected to ensure tenants are renting a safe place.  During the meeting it was decided that the committee felt we should let the first phase of the minimum standards, due to be passed at Monday’s council meeting, take effect and see what the response is.  There are over 100 rental homes in the village and it would be more than a part time housing inspector could handle. The committee felt that if and when this phase of inspection is ever initiated that it should entail a separate ordinance to address only rentals, require registration of rental properties and require the landlords to pay for the inspections needed to be able to rent out there properties.

All felt that we have made a major move in ensuring safer residences by developing and putting in place minimum standards for all residential homes in the village and that we should proceed with the process of requiring a complaint to initiate an inspection at this time and see how that works before moving forward on a rental inspection/registration program.



This writer submitted to Maumee Valley Planning Organization a CDBG application for funding of a new roof for the Fire Department.  We were informed that we were awarded $20,000.00 in the form of a grant.  Our match would be approximately $11,900.00.  This will be a 2017 construction project and we will be contacted by MVPO when the project is ready to be put out for bid.  MVPO will handle the bidding of the project.



The bid opening for the two lots the village owns on Oswalt Street were opened on June 8, 2016.  The only bid received was from Ed Snyder.  He bid $1,701.00 on 118 Oswalt and $1,701.00 on 120 Oswalt.  The appraised values of these two lots were $11,500 for 118 Oswalt and $9,200 for 120 Oswalt.  Council can discuss this bid Monday night.



A resolution will be presented and asked to be passed that would designate the Maumee River a Water Trail by the Department of Natural Resources.  This is part of the project to develop canoe/kayak launches from Toledo to the State of Indiana.  The designation will assist in getting dollars to help with signage along the water trail, etc.  I have attached an update from Park Board Member Mark Greenwood as to the progress of getting our launch at Riverside Park developed.



I was contacted by EPA in regards to our brush pile at the sewer plant and informed the village will need to either register the brush pile with EPA or close it completely to the public.  EPA said they would be mailing a violation letter instructing us to do either of the above but that it cannot continue as it is.  EPA also sent to me the guidelines and regulations in registering a brush and/or mulch area and it is extensive. One of the first items we need to do is have a map of the sewer plant brush pile area which outlines how large it is, the location of any bodies of water and especially North Creek.  We cannot be any closer than 500 feet to a stream/ditch.  We would probably have to have Poggemeyer complete a survey and map.  We can no longer burn the pile no matter what and I personally don’t see how we will be able to maintain that much limbs or wood from downed trees.  I spoke with Paulding Village and they bring in a company that chips all their brush and limbs and it costs them around $8,000 a year.  We also will be required to keep weekly, monthly and annual logs on the amount brought into the sewer plant.  Either weigh or measure it weekly and how it’s disposed of.  EPA will inspect it annually.  Whichever we chose to do, the plant will definitely have to be gated and will not be able to be open continually.  Any debris taken to the plant, such as tires, concrete and items that normally go to a landfill will need to be removed immediately.



The finance committee met on June 2 to discuss participating in an electric aggregation program through the Paulding County Commissioners.  This program which allows village residents to share in cost savings on their electric bill by buying electricity as a group.

The program would require that the Village put on the November election a ballot approving an opt-out program, which means residents who don’t want to participate must actively “opt-out” of the program.

In looking further into the issue of placing this program on the ballot it was discovered that the Village would have to pay for all advertising of this issue and would also have to pay for the ballots.  According to ORC 3501.17B when a special election is held on the same day as a primary or general election in the odd-numbered year, the subdivision (or village) submitting the special election shall be charged for the cost of ballots and advertising for such special election, etc.  The reason we would be charged is according to ORC 4928.20 Sec. B because the village is looking at aggregating retail electrical loads the question must be submitted to the electorate which in turn makes it a special election.

I don’t know what this cost might be for the village, but I don’t believe the savings to the residents would be worth the cost to the village at this time.  As the time is short to put this issue on the ballot without being able to research the cost of a special election and the proposed savings should the issue pass for the residents, I would suggest that we don’t put this issue on the ballot this fall and continue to research the cost and savings and if the savings is worth it to residents we can re-visit the issue next year.  Council can discuss what they want to do at Monday’s meeting.