March 2016


Spoke to ODOT on 3/3/16 and was informed that the second phase of sidewalks will be put out to bid on April 21, 2016.  A bid opening is scheduled for May 2, 2016 and the final close out is set for July 31, 2016.   This phase will be bid out and overseen by ODOT like the first phase.  I asked that they inform me of when the pre-construction meeting is scheduled so I may attend to be kept up-to-date on when construction will start and meet the contractor that will be handling the construction.


A new safety capital grant that council met in special session on 3/15/16 about was finished and uploaded to the Ohio Development Services Agency on Wednesday, 3/16/16. The Village applied for $100,000.00 to go towards the purchase of a new tanker truck for the village.  Total estimated cost for the new tanker of $200,359.00. This new tanker will be used to provide fire protection services not only to the Village of Antwerp but to Carryall Township and a portion of Harrison Township as detailed in our fire protection services agreements.  Carryall Township has committed to provide $17,000.00 for the next 10 years to the village to assist in the match on this purchase but to also provide funds for maintenance and upkeep.  Notification on whether or not we will receive this grant will be announced in May.

A Memorandum of Understanding between Carryall Township, Harrison Township and the Village will be presented at Monday night’s council meeting.  This MOU is separate than the one submitted for the grant.  This MOU, which I have attached, outlines that Carryall Township is provided the $17,000 to the Village of 10 years as outlined above.  A resolution allowing the Mayor to sign this MOU will be on the agenda.


The Public Service committee has developed the ordinance and has asked Maumee Valley Planning Organization to review the ordinance, which they have done.  Maumee Valley noted that they do not have time to provide the village with inspection services due to the comprehensive housing programs they currently have to administer.  They felt our standards were basic and offer no real opinion.  A few suggestions were offered by the Chief Clemens and the public service committee will review these suggestions and determine who will act as the inspector for these standards at their next meeting.  It is the goal to have this ordinance ready for first reading at the April regular council meeting.


The Antwerp CIC met on March 10, 2016 and at that time elected new officers for calendar year 2016.  The officers are:  President Sara Keeran, Vice-President Ray Delong and Secretary/Treasurer John Kobee.  A decision to hire Jason M. Hamman of The Hamman Consulting Group was made.  Mr. Hamman, is a licensed commercial realtor and has experience in developing retail/hotel market analysis and evaluations.  Mr. Hamman will provide to the Antwerp CIC a Retail Market and Hotel Feasibility Analysis, with a specific emphasis on the approximately 84 acres next to the 24 exchange that the CIC has an option on.  It is anticipated this process will take 8 weeks.  The CIC also has the option to enter into a brokerage agreement with Hamman Consulting once the market analysis is completed which would allow Hamman Consulting to market the property.  The CIC’s next meeting was set for Thursday, May 19, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. to review the progress of the market analysis and evaluation.


As discussed in prior meetings, a proposal to replace the 39 historic lights on Main Street and E. River with LED bulbs needs a decision on whether to go forward.  The LED bulbs are $169.00 each for a total cost to replace of $6,591.00.  AEP has a rebate program and would rebate to the village $40.00 per light for a total rebate of $1,560.00, which would reduce the cost to $5,031.00.   The AEP rebate would be issued after all 39 bulbs were switched out, so in order to go forward with this proposal, the village would need to pay out the $6,591.00 and then be reimbursed by AEP.   Schweller Electric stated they could show us how to bypass the ballast and install them ourselves.  As this expense would come out of the street budget, we would need to transfer from the general fund to the street fund as there isn’t enough in street to handle this one time large expenditure.  It is anticipated we would recoup the cost of these new LED bulbs in energy savings in 2.15 years.  The historic lights are metered and not just charged a flat rate (with adjustments for seasonal changes) like the rest of the street lighting in town.  I have attached the payback analysis for your review.