November, 2016



Construction is completed on the sidewalks to the school.  I am waiting to hear from ODOT if there will be any cost to the village.  The only thing mentioned was construction observation by ODOT.  I informed ODOT we need to know as soon as possible to see if we have enough in streets for any invoices they may submit.    I do not recall that the Village owed anything to ODOT for the first phase of the sidewalk project to ODOT for construction observation.  The contractor for the sidewalks did not have any overages that would be the responsibility of the village.  I spoke with the school and they are very happy with the sidewalks.  They now connect N. Main Street to the school.  I have had a resident mentioned to me that we may need to install a guard rail along Harrmann where Cement Plant Road dead ends into Harrmann.  Deb Stevenson noted when she lived next to the school she saw many times vehicles would slid through the stop sign at Cement Plant due to snow and ice and she was afraid students might be injured now that the sidewalk is installed.  I will check with the County Engineer to see what it would cost for the County to install a guard rail in front of the new sidewalk at this intersection.



As on today, 11/17/16, the new compost site has not been officially approved by EPA.  We are working to resolve an issue on the northern boundary of the proposed site that EPA requires the Village be 200 feet from any existing ditch or swale.  We are 177 feet from the compost site to the shallow ditch that runs along sewer plant road.  We hope to have this issue resolved this week.  Meanwhile, EPA is allowing us to take leaves at the old site, which is located south of the sewer plant buildings, as a transfer site.  Once the village is approved for the new site, we will have to transfer the leaves to the new site.  At this time we are only taking leaves, not branches or limbs due to the fact that we would have to move them.  We have been leaving the sewer plant gate open until 5:30 p.m. during the week and will have the gate open Saturday and Sundays during the day so residents can take their leaves to the old site.  Again, only leaves and they must be emptied from any paper or garbage bags that they were transported in.



In order to be able to pay for the sewer improvements scheduled to take place in 2017 which is estimated to cost $660,845.00, current sewer rates were reviewed.  It is anticipated that an additional $2.66/month per resident or $31.88 a year would need to be raised to offset the debt service on the sewer improvements.  The project entails replacement of both the N. Main Street and Stone Street Lift Stations, improvements to the sewer lagoons and the installation of a phosphorus removal system.  It is anticipated that when the Villages sanitary permit renews in 2018 with EPA we will be required to reduce the amount of phosphorus currently emptying into North Creek.

It should be noted that the Colony lift station loan was paid off this year and that frees up approximately $16,000 per year, but the carry over in sewer has been shrinking and we haven’t raise rates since 2011.  As required by EPA we are now required to chlorinate and de-chlorinate the sewer lagoons which has increased chemical cost in the sewer fund. Enclosed in your council packet is an ordinance raising the minimum charge for in town sewer customers from $45.03 per quarter to $53.00 per quarter, which includes the first 6,000 gallons of sewage, and the per thousand rate will remain unchanged.  This should generate enough additional revenue to assist in the repayment of the loan for the sewer improvements.  The loan for the project will be a 20 year zero percent loan through the Ohio Water Development Agency.



Town Hall roof has been repaired by Richland Roofing.  Leaks were discovered around the seams of the roof and around stand pipes.  Richland did not feel the roof is in need of complete repair.  We will continue to have it evaluated each year in order to have enough time to possibly apply for block grant funds through the county in the future.



Two estimated are being secured for the fire hall roof replacement.  The Village received $20,000.00 through the block grant program of the Paulding County Commissioners.  I anticipate this project going forward after the first of the year in order for the village to budget the match required for the improvement.  It was estimated that the project would cost approximately $31,000.00.



A 3 percent increase in Paragon’s water and sewer rates were proposed to Paragon and they agreed to the increase.  An ordinance will be prepared for Paragon to sign and the ordinance will be included in council’s December agenda.



The Chamber of Commerce is planning a tree lighting ceremony in Greenway Park (Tennis Court Park) for Thursday, December 1, 2016.  Included in the festivities that will begin at 5:30 p.m. will be performances by the Antwerp Show Choir, caroling throughout the downtown by the Antwerp High School Choir, Santa will make his appearance in the park, concessions provided by the Antwerp Music Boosters and ultimately the lighting of the decorated Christmas Tree and nativity Set in Greenway Park along with the lighting of the downtown Street light decorations.  Plan on attending this festive event and kick off the Christmas Season in your own hometown!