With the probability that more rain is in the forecast, the village wanted to let residents know that this unusual rainfall has overwhelmed the storm drain system and will continue to until the river recedes.   Once the storm lines are full, no more water can be accepted into the catch basins until it empties into the river.  With the river over the banks, it is even harder for storm water to be accepted.

Do not drive into flooded streets if at all possible.  The county is closing roads throughout the county and the village wanted to remind residents not to get your vehicle hung up in moving flooded roadways.

Also, do not blow grass into the street when mowing.  The grass gets washed into the storm lines and has the potential to block the line resulting in more flooding.

Adopt a catch basin.  If you have a catch basin by or in front of your property, make sure it’s free of debris so it can accept water.