April 17, 2017 Paulding, Ohio – Paulding County Hospital announces construction will begin on a Regional Health Center serving the surrounding area of western Paulding County including Antwerp, Hicksville, Payne, and Woodburn.  The facility will be located near the US 24 and SR 49 interchange in Antwerp.

The center will include twice the space of the current Antwerp facility with 6 examination rooms and a fitness center for area residents.  Family Practice physicians Drs. Nick Pfleghaar and Melanie Schramm with their associates Kelley Peters, Family Nurse Practitioner, and Janet Zeedyk, Physician Assistant will relocate their practice to the new building.  In addition to receiving medical care, residents will also be able to arrange to have certain tests performed at the facility without having to go to the hospital for testing.

Construction will take place on land donated to the county by the Community Improvement Corporation of Antwerp, Payne, and Paulding County as well as additional land purchased by the hospital for the county.  It is expected that construction of the structure will be completed prior to the end of the year.   Hospital Board President Mike Winans said, “We are very appreciative of the efforts of the CIC, County Commissioners, Mayor Ray Delong, and Village Administrator Sara Keeran in providing Paulding County Hospital with the opportunity to build this state of the art facility in Antwerp.”


New Medical Office Project 17010 Final Image