At first glance buying from a small business in a small town means convenience and personal service to most people.  But the reality of importance goes much deeper.  Yes, it is very convenient not to have to travel a distance to get what you need, but what else does a small business bring to a community?

Let’s start with community involvement.  It’s the local business owner that sponsors local activities like the little league teams, donating to charity events, donating to school programs and giving to all kinds of fund raising efforts.  Speaking of paying out dollars supporting the community, small businesses pay a large amount of local taxes.

How about employment?  Most first-time entry level jobs are provided by small businesses close to home.  Small businesses employ many local people.

Most Antwerp small business owners are also very involved time-wise with community organizations, such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, and Antwerp Community Development Committee. (ACDC), to name a few.  Many small business owners serve as civic elected officials, school board members, and in youth leadership.

Look around our town, it’s made up of business owners who care about our community.  Keep our communities strong by doing business with the people who have invested in our town.

Tony Langham

Antwerp Chamber of Commerce