The Village passed Ordinance 2008-49 establishing policies and procedures regarding sidewalks.  Section 1 of this ordinance states:  “No owner or occupant of lots or lands abutting any sidewalk shall fail to keep the sidewalks free from snow, ice or any nuisance, and to remove from such sidewalks all snow and ice accumulated thereon within a reasonable times, which will ordinarily not exceed twelve (12) hours after any storm during which snow or ice is accumulated.”

The Village was able to completed sidewalks from the center of town to Antwerp School through a grant from Safe Routes to School.   This project was meant to keep students off of the roads and out of harms way.  Unfortunately, with this last snow, only a handful of sidewalks were cleared.

The Village would remind residents to keep snow and ice removed from their property so students and residents can safely walk to their destination.  The ordinance will be enforced.

Sara Keeran, Village Administrator