Finally the weather has come around  and we can finally open our doors and windows and let the fresh air in.  But be careful.  When you are going to be gone from home, even for a quick trip to the store or grab a bite to eat, make sure you lock your doors.  Crime never takes a season off.  Lock you car doors at night too, sometimes it is just too tempting for someone to look into a car and see something they want and see that the car or truck is unlocked.

Enjoy the summer weather, but be careful to and don’t give anyone a opportunity to ruin your time off by providing an easy way into your home or car.

This friendly and timely reminder is being provided by the Antwerp Police Department.  If you any questions on how to ensure your property and belongings stay safe or if you want to report suspicious activity in your neighborhood, give the Antwerp Police Department a call at 419-258-2627.